Apex Pro mini-fastest Mechanical keyboard in the World

Apex Pro mini

I. Introduction

A. Short overview of the Apex Pro Mini Keyboard

I will always use an ambivalent mechanical gaming keyboard. Many different key switch options can feel overall keyboards. Apex Pro Mini mechanical keyboard comes with advanced features such as OmniPoint 2.0 adjustable switches, 2-in-1 direct Keys, and different other modes. The PBT double-shot keycaps are durable and feel nice on the other hand. The keyboard is ideal for professional gamers looking for a gaming purpose mechanical keyboard for gaming on the go.

details apex pro mini

II. Apex Pro Mini Keyboards

pros and cons


  • 2.0 omnipotent adjustable switches
  • Adjustable KEYBOARD RGB backlights
  • Dual-action programmable keys


  1. High price 
  2. No magnetic Handrest

III. Wired and Wireless

I will use the Apex Pro Mini wired and wireless gaming keyboards for a day, and I can feel that the wired keyboard is better than the wireless gaming keyboard, The allover design may not be the best for the wired keyboard, but the wireless keyboard is smooth but the long time use can not be better than the wired keyboard. Apex Pro wired keyboard is a good gaming experience and better than a wireless one.

wired and wireless apex pro mini


Apex Mini Pro wired

Apex Mini Pro wireless

Dimensions 295x103x40mm 294x103x40mm
Weight 605g 540g
Keyboard size 60 60
Key switch 2.0 Omnipoint adjustable switches 2.0 Omnipoint adjustable switches
Keyboard material Aluminum Aluminum
connection USB-A to USB-C wired wired/2.4GHz/Bluetooth extension adapter
Color Black Black, white, and blue.
RGB Per-key Per-key

IV. Design

The aluminum-frame keyboard operates with SteelSeries’ traditional, original-proof, programmable per-key RGB backlight design and customization, enabling one to change the backlight and see the keys clearly while typing or gaming experience. The Apex Pro mini slimmed the design while retaining a 60% form factor. It takes up much less space compared to another traditional gaming keyboard with the ten-key build, so it’s perfect for those who want to maximize space while having the traditional ten-keyless (TKL) keyboard.

design apex pro mini
Gaming keyboard with RGB light, side view.

I first started using the Apex Mini pro keyboard, the one factor I noticed was how smoothness of keys. My parents had an electric typewriter with those signature-clicking keys when I was a kid. Typing with this keyboard felt reminiscent of my childhood the clicking keys not only reminded me of my playful typewriter days but also delivered a smoother, easier typing and a better experience.

VI.Battery life

I can use the Apex Pro mini wireless gaming keyboard for heavy games, and the battery life is much better than another wireless keyboard. The wireless Apex Pro mini of this keyboard has up to 40 hours of battery life. In order to see your battery life, you can see on the main dashboard how much battery life is left. I swapped between my work-authorized laptop and my MSI during testing, and because I didn’t have access to SteelSeries GG on my work laptop, I could not see how much battery life I had after a couple of hours of use.

KEY ADJUSTABLE apex pro mini

VII. Adjustable keys

Optimally position the keyboard for comfortable play over long sessions of gaming performance. The adjustable keys and change to other keyboard keys give you flexibility for three ergonomic options: flat, half, and full extension. if one key is not using the keyboard I can change it easily to solve the problem of the Apex Pro keyboard.

VIII. Gaming Performance

As a gamer, I love this keyboard. The feeling of the keys is appealing with a good look. I wish it was a touch more portable but even in its current design, it is the best way to have a good typing experience and gaming performance on the go. It may not be the keyboard I write both novels with but it might be the one I use for my first and I feel that is the best gaming keyboard in the world.

For gaming, the Apex Pro Mini Wireless also feels excellent. I played most of the world’s best games and wrote different articles, and I never felt uncomfortable.

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