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Best MacBook Pro Air Mini USB Type C

Best MacBook Pro/Air Mini USB Type C Macally Keyboard

I. About this keyboard

Best USB Type C Macally Keyboard:

This keyboard connects to newer-generation devices. Simply plug the USB Type C keyboard into any device with a USB-C Port. Good Works as an iPad keyboard, macbook keyboard, iMac keyboard, or PC keyboard without the need for extra software. This is the best keyboard for all iMac devices.


II. Additional information

Number of Keys 78
Brand Macally
Weight ‎1.08 pound
Length 11.2 cm
Width 4.7 cm
Key Switch Smooth
Color ‎Silver


Our wired keyboard is perfectly designed with a combination of style and practicality. The compact and durable frame will look like a great and good combination with any computer or laptop and enhance your workstation. Perfect for devices with USB Type C Ports.

designed with the mac

IV. Ultra Thin Aluminum Design

Designed with aluminum and color silver, our Mac wired keyboard is slimmer than a Macally keyboard and will look great and perfect working with your other Apple gear.

wired macally keyboard
V. Reliable Wired Connection

You will not have to deal with bad and irresponsible connections any more. Our MacBook Pro keyboard offers a direct connection to your device through a USB type-C cable.

VI. macOS Integration

The Macally keyboard is the best of MacBook Pro/air integrated with macOS. The keyboard functions, such as smoothness of key typing and ease of connecting with a Mac using a USB type c port. All the MacBook Pro/air is made in aluminum and silver color design.

VII. Macally keyboard keys

The Macally Keyboard is the best MacBook combo that aims to provide an Apple-like typing experience for the best price. It works for both Apple MAC and Other PCs.

macally keyboard

You cannot delay for typing experience to a wired USB Type C keyboard. I have to deal with a weak connection between your keyboard and mouse with the computer nor will you have to change batteries.

Keyboard Feel

Low profile and provides a good smooth typing feedback response.

VIII. Stylish and Durable Build

The Macally Mini USB Type C Keyboard’s overall performance is very good and the user experience better than another wireless keyboard. it is also a very good build quality for Aluminum. The smooth aluminum is likely your MacBook Pro/air, having a USB type c wired silver keyboard. It is a keyboard that no longer plays properly to handle the table.

How to fix keyboard keys not typing
IX. Backlit Option for Low-Light Environments

Macally keyboard does not have RGB lighting it can be easy to use without backlit. The Macally keyboard offers a backlit option. You can choose from other brightness levels to suit your experience. This feature works easily and comfortably, on a low-light Macally keyboard.

X. Tactile and Silent Typing Experience:

The magic keyboard-switch keys provide a short sound and this Macally keyboard does not provide any typing sound this is a silent typing experience, perfect for that mechanical keyboards are better than this but actually, this typing feature is excellent as compared to others. Each key press is very smooth, comfortable, and responsive, I make sure you can enjoy this typing experience whether you are writing an article, content, coding, or searching web browsing.


The Macally keyboard USB Type C  is one of the best keyboards for your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air. It has a decent design, typing experience, and extra functions for Mac users. A student, other Mac users, or anyone with skills on your Mac, this keyboard has the best function and silent typing. Any desktop or notebook computer with an available USB port. Plug and play via USB. Respond to your Mac user experience and get off your daily tasks with the Macally USB Type C Keyboard. Goodbye to the other keyboards and this Macally keyboard.. hello to a more helpful and enjoyable gaming experience.

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